Monday, March 29, 2010

happy Happy HAPPY THREE!!!!!

Today is Aliya's birthday, and I have taken off work so that I can go to her preschool with arms full of cupcakes and easter-basket favors and party with all of her friends. We had a party at home yesterday too, with local friends, and a celebration with Anika the night before that. It's been 3 full days of Turning Three.

I no longer have a baby girl. Instead I live with this charming, energetic, diminuitive little person, who is admittedly quite short, but clearly not a baby. She speaks in gramatically correct sentences. She puts clothes on with no assistance whatsoever. She wears underwear, and it stays dry. With a tear in my eye, I cannot help but admit... I am now the mommy of a full-fledged Kid.

The months since the last post have included a Christmas celebration, a rennovation and a move, a new baby cousin Luna, a new Kazakh-cousin Elvis Bulan, (who we look forward to finally meeting in a few weeks), a new school in Wilmington, lots and lots (and lots) of snow, and settling into a new way of life that includes walking to Trader Joe's and bringing back groceries in the stroller, walking to take Ava to school and drop of the paper recyclables while we're there, walking to pick Ava up from her mom's house, walking to the playground after work/school, walking to get ice cream after dinner, walking to get coffee and an egg sandwich on Sunday mornings. That was winter in Media. We can't wait to see what spring, summer, and fall in our quaint and compact new town have to offer. When we head out the door now, the first thing Aliya will often ask is "Mommy, can we walk?" and if the answer is yes, there is a joyful, "HURRAYYYY!!!!" This is the kind of life I want for my no-longer-a-baby girl.

Finally, on the third anniversary of Aliya's birth, I want to send her birth mother, Gulnaz, a heart full of gratitude for bringing Aliya into the world and into our lives. We will always be indebted to her, and if she is somewhere wondering, I want her to know that her baby is blossoming into a beautiful, kind, smart, funny and fearless little girl, surrounded with love, and cherished by her family and friends every day.
OK, now I need to wipe tears off my cheeks and post some pix!

Aliya's first ski trip, in which she was repeatedly whisked down the bunny slope at high speed by me and PopPop, her skis barely grazing the snow. She shrieked and laughed with every run. Did I mention the kids has no fear? I predict she'll be competitive in Women's Freestyle by the 2022 Olympics.

Aliya's Birthday Party, which began with The Birthday Princess feeling a bit overtired from giggling late into the evening with Anika the night before. Between the frenzy of slightly-older kids running around, and the close proximity to nap time she was stretched pretty thin, and when we finally brought the cake out, she burst into tears amidst a rousing chorus of "Happy Birthday to You." Fortunately, a quick recovery was made when she learned it was time to open gifts, and she ended the party in good spirits. Then she napped for over 2 hours. It was some party.

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